Isolation Woes

Thursday, March 19, 2020

One can sit inside a house only for so long before its walls start closing in. Yesterday morning, I worked on my knitting and a skirt I’m sewing while watching television. By early afternoon, I felt consumed by needs for several items for knitting and fabric-work. I began thinking of chancing a brief buying expedition.

Instead, I rose from my chair, switched off the television, and marched outside. I gathered chain saws, revved up and rolled the Gater onto my property’s rocky southside. That’s an unused area usually forgotten, and yesterday, I had to move rocks and create a vehicle pathway. There, through the afternoon, I sawed-off low-hanging limbs and cleared brush.

I’m grateful for having outside space that can support my wish to self-isolate much as possible. In the beginning of this, I figured that creating, and working with yarn and fabric, would be satisfying. And it’s so for long periods, but also, there arise needs for greater physical activity.

Mostly, I satisfy these needs by going out to the large animals, and feeding, grooming, or tidying their areas. But yesterday, the horses had gone early to “day care” (my neighbor’s pasture), and so, my first idea for more activity was to shop. Considering this, it’s true that shopping is a physical activity, and also social, as my frequent shopping at Costco where I work part-time.

Our common period of self-isolating, beside interrupting ordinary behaviors and habits, encourages us to self-reflect. Paying attention to this teaches more about ourselves. For example, my new insights will help me continue to avoid going among strangers, and perhaps over-shopping. I will start to practice refocusing, by staying active with the animals and working on the property.

Dear Friends: Coronavirus will fade & leave, after having altered our lives significantly. Diana

One thought on “Isolation Woes

  1. Dave and I are glad to have our animals and good outdoor space, too. The days we don’t ride we take the dogs for walks. Reading more. Cooking a little more. Face time with the grand kids and texts with Matt and Darcy. Glad you are well and being productive. 😊❤️

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