Unusual Times

Friday, March 20, 2020


During this unknown length of time, while we’re forced to limit outside contacts, we must be creative. Staying healthy mentally and physically requires that we keep a positive outlook. This could mean exploring our minds, to search out ideas and activities that might inspire pursuit. A pursuit could be an original or renewal.

It’s been years since I’ve attended an opera or listened through one, but I’m familiar with much opera music and have loved it. These days the Metropolitan Opera offers free streaming, and so, maybe it’s time to renew my seeing and listening. Steaming is a lovely opportunity, but few of us could sit for of hours before a computer streaming music, art, and Broadway shows.

Computer learning for most of us would be part-time activity. Maybe we could designate one or two hours for learning via streaming. Beyond that, it’s about planning for more activities during daylight hours. We can reach again inside to an “old me” and seek a physical interest.

One who once enjoyed a team sport, like basketball, can start working again at the skill by installing a hoop and practicing. For one who enjoyed gardening before becoming too busy to dig in dirt, start a garden. Grow items you love to eat, avoid having to shop for favorites.

This advice is for anyone who wants it and primarily for me. This morning with Coronavirus on my mind and knowing I’d write about it, I wondered how to speak to the situation agreeably. After all, it’s a real situation. Defining each letter of the word in a positive manner helped to lift me out of the “self-isolation doldrums”. In writing today, I’m trying to remain creative. To be honest, it’s helping, and I’m coming up with new ideas for daily activities.

Dear Friends: We’re complex beings, not intended to be isolated, but will navigate this. Diana

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