Saturday, March 21, 2020

We’re stuck trying to create a palatable lemonade from that weird lemon: Coronavirus: Cart…Oregon…Ranch…Obstacles…News…Athletes…Vital…Inspired…Rosie…Utilize…Sunni

Major newspapers are filled with stories about the ways Americans stuck indoors are coping, and guiding us to links offering online learning and respite opportunities. Front page stories highlight the booming of online sales as buyers seek board games, puzzles, books, and sanitizing supplies. Reporting has found that some lawmakers are profiting mightily from this economic downturn. There’s speculation about whether and how much major drug and food manufacturers ultimately may gouge consumers.

Through generations of Americans, our economy has made it possible for families and individuals to live increasingly better than in any past times. Suddenly now, our government’s lack of preparedness for a possible pandemic, that became real, has made every American vulnerable on all fronts. Each of us is impacted negatively by the current failing economy, shortages in medicine of skilled providers and equipment, and production and distribution inadequacies of standard supply-chains.

We’re accepting a need and leadership orders to stay indoors. For awhile we’ll obtain supplies from online distributors, be entertained and educated via computer, socialize over the internet.

But, for how long?

I’m beginning to want more to go into a grocery store and stroll through it aisles. I think about finding attractive items, selecting fresh produce and fruit, and maybe bringing flowers home. These feelings aren’t because of “not having”, they’re wishes for “being out and about”.

How long will “going out and being among” seem a dream instead of a return to reality?

We are good citizens, well-schooled through our activities and education, hard-working, and tax-paying. We have earned the right to expect an intelligent government that can lead wisely, is well-prepared for potential or predictable downturns and emergencies, and frequently communicates, intelligently and truthfully.

Dear Friends: We hold hands in cyberspace, hoping for the revival of good economy. Diana

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