Safer Shopping

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Current status in America: 24,000+ Coronavirus cases, and ~300 deaths.

News that maybe welcome to some of us is that big stores like Costco, Whole Foods, and Target, are planning to reserve hours for senior-only (age 60+) shoppers. It appears that most stores will reserve for this purpose their opening hours. They will have been sanitized in overnight closures.

Early-hours shopping could be a bonus for seniors as stores will have been freshly stocked. So far, people have been able to find online adequate staples, and avoid great needs to shop. There are other sorts of items, however, very popular and in too-short supply. In early reserved hours, shoppers might obtain quicker-moving products, like bananas, chicken, and fresh carrots.

I’m interested in “safer-shopping” opportunities, and hopeful. If I decide to take advantage of reserved senior hours, it makes sense to self-adorn with disposable gloves and a face covering, like a surgical mask or scarf of some sort. One out and about can’t ensure absolute self-safety, but it’s excellent to be aware of safety measures that might preserve health.

Dear Friends: I don’t want to write about Coronavirus, but it is hugely invasive. Diana

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