Gettin' Out

Monday, March 23, 2020

This photo from yesterday shows my Gater loaded with juniper limbs for transporting to a staging area. That load was one of many from hours I spent sawing and lopping. Each filling of the Gater’s hydraulic dump made me forever grateful for acquiring this vehicle years ago on a whim. It’s a major workhorse.

I’m escaping Coronavirus-caging almost daily by trimming trees. It’s work that corrects long-ignored limb tangles, but is never-ending, not fun, filled with bending and lifting. Handling a 14′ long saw especially is wearing. Balancing that saw works my back muscles until standing straight is difficult. On starting to feel my head and shoulders leaning and leading, I force myself to self-straighten by positioning my head and shoulders straight over my hips. It’s a too-short fix.

This long overdue trimming that makes my place look cared-for, neater, is saving me from feelings of cabin fever and stir-crazy shpilkes. Outside, there’s more work needed that over a long stretch could keep me active and productive. For one thing, only half of my trees have been trimmed, and for another, this warming weather makes wooden steps and decking call for cleaning and protecting. To this end, and with thanks for online suppliers, in my garage a new pressure washer awaits assembly.

Dear Friends: This stressful downturn is more physical than any other in recent memory. Diana

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