New Realities

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Another couple of weeks of self-isolation and very different attitudes spring up as I put relevant words to phrase-initials. Today’s are hinting at an increasing OCD fous and irritability. I’m seeking essential balance by staying active mentally and physically, but over time also sensing reduced reality. All this from spending most of my hours alone to avoid the invisible, invasive pandemic.

Every few hours reveal some new twists in behaviors. During last night’s sleepless hours, my best friend, from our high school days, and I carried on a long intimate discussion–right there on Facebook. Enough of privacy, the whole world can listen! Reach out for any situation that offers an opportunity for chatting interactively and safely with someone else.

In my mind’s eye, all this will last only minutes, but in reality hints toward long-term changes.

Dear Friends: Over the long haul, how might our sequestering reveal more changes? Diana

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