Coloring Time

Tuesday, March 31, 2020\

For most of yesterday I vegged out, watching a series on Netflix, and too-often searching fridge and cupboards for TV-friendly eats. Today is a rainy one that I’ll try handling better. I can create walking activities on my long-unused treadmill. Indoor projects need completing, like replacing a few fallen-off bathroom tiles. I’ve avoided this tiling although the repair components are on the countertop. I’ve a recently-sewn skirt that needs a hem, and I’d like another knitting project–maybe a hat from a waiting pattern book? In the garage is a partially-assembled pressure washer needing more attention.

A way to avoid feeling listless and goal-less is to start actually setting plans for a day. One or two ideas popping-up will initiate a focus and bring more goals. Once you’ve created several useful goals, in big print make a list and place it where it’s easily visible. Like on a path with lots of traffic–maybe your route to the kitchen?

This morning, I read a writer’s tip, her clever goal while out walking is to create a task for her brain. She has begun searching for a specific color, usually stimulated by a chance-glance. For example, a bit of paper trash that’s pink will have her looking for and counting the number of times pink appears. Maybe it shows up as a flower or in a garment’s color. Even this little counting task reduces an over-focus on invisible disease and self-isolating.

I try this out now while in the kitchen. I’m pouring coffee and looking out a window. It’s a wet rainy morning and everything is gray. My eye catches the red of a hummingbird feeder. Okay, it’s happening, but where else might there be hints of red outside? Thin as it seems, I think of spotting a cheery-checked Flicker. Selecting a color brings it to prominence, and shortly, I’ll be out feeding horses and looking for reds with interest.

Dear Friends: Planning means accomplishing, it’s the key to doing more and better. Diana

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