Smoke & Squall

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Yesterday dawned very cold but also clear and not windy. After feeding the large animals, I elected to work outside, to rid myself of a large pile of limbs from the trees most-recently trimmed. I’ve been trimming sections of trees and maybe have covered 60% of my property. Real progress is uncertain, because tree-trimming is like “fixing” anything else. As I progress, my trimming skills improve and the trees most-recently trimmed look better than those earlier worked on. This has been pushing progress both forward and backward, if you get my drift. Now that I’m more experienced, most trimming moves forward. So, figure that left-ahead are about 40% of my trees–or whatever!

Anyway, yesterday’s weather was very weird and not particularly unusual for Central Oregon, but I was in the middle of burning limbs! After the day’s first few hours of relative clarity, warmth, and light breezes, I happened to glance up and over to the west saw lurking rain clouds. Uh oh, if that rain happens to land here, how heavy, could it douse my fire?

I looked at the fire pit. Flames were bright and burning high. My work was only partly done.

First, hail hit. Tiny pellets clouded the environment, not much bothering the fire. I labored to keep the flames big by constantly adding fuel. Following the hail, a light rain didn’t reduce the flames but brought cold, high-gusting winds. I retrieved my outerwear blown to the ground, and donned it shielded by the horse trailer’s wind-blocking side.

That volley of hail, rain, and wind didn’t last long. Working throughout to keep alive the fire, I reduced the waiting discards. Finally, most of that weather died down, leaving the cold and winds. I soldered on and finished the job. Got myself through another day of self-isolation.

Dear Friends: Today, I’ll create a mask with a filter, to venture out for chicken feed. Diana

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