Sidestepping Stress

Having a bath!

Monday, April 06, 2020

Last evening was one of high humor, following my discovery that Amazon Prime is streaming several wonderful comedy movies. I sat for hours binging on “The Birdcage”, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, and “Some Like It Hot”. Other classics, too, are available for viewing. But enough is enough, and finally, still laughing I fell into bed.

Watching almost anything else beats attending daily the mind-numbing hours that our President manages to command on broadband. Even yesterday, at the beginning of serious holidays, Lent and Passover, Trump crowded the airways. I’ve tried escaping with Netflix but find myself unhappy with its offerings. Most quickly are tossed together, as mindless slams, bams, shoot-em-ups. Happily, other streamers are providing tested classic movies. (Unhappily, my internet package excludes Turner Movies).

Another diversion from self-isolation that works for me is having discovered online some superb bloggers. It’s slow-going, looking for really good blogs by experts in various fields, knowing in-depth their topics, expertly writing and communicating. They’re new great teachers who remind that there’s always more to learn, and appreciate, about creativity, wildlife, social trends, and the environment, to mention a few.

Today dawns beautifully. It’s time to start “summer work” with my horses. This means revising some of our now-normal routines. I’ll add exercising to get them slimmer and more muscular. I’ll add training, and especially for Pimmy who needs a job. Although I’ve long said this, she should learn to pull a cart. Training Pimmy means first finding training for myself. It’s that donkeys are not just like horses, they must be trained differently. I’ll look on YouTube for help, and somehow get Pimmy trained to drive.

Dear Friends: These strange times push us to expand interests and stimulate mindfulness. Diana

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