Long May They Roll

Monday, April 13, 2020

CV: Day 27

Hulu is streaming the movie, “RBG”, and as friends who’ve recommended it declare, it’s a terrific documentary. She’s brilliant and likeable. Some of my favorite parts are audios from her early days arguing before the Supreme Court, and later as a Justice questioning the capable attorney arguing against enabling the enrollment of women in the historically all-male Virginia Military Academy. Plus, watching her working out in the Court gym shames we couch-potato retirees. And how RBG loves opera! She’s amazing and determined. Long may she stay strong and continue doing whatever she wishes.

Thinking about RBG, her longevity and fortitude, got me reflecting on Queen Elizabeth, who’s in her early nineties and still very active. Recent videos have shown her riding horseback, walking with delegations, and now, stepping forward in this coronavirus stretch, speaking to her subjects and the world. Her public declarations are rare.

Those very elderly women encourage us step back and reflect on them as individuals, with historical influence and continuing power. Americans who wonder about the worthiness of elderly candidates for this country’s most powerful position might be wise to take into account the world’s experience with such as RBG and Elizabeth. Thinking more about this can reveal many examples of contemporary fine, wise and powerful, elderly leaders. Just sayin’.

Not that the age game is much of a consideration at this point for Americans. We’ve zeroed-in on our most-likely candidates, and they’re old.

Anyway, watch RBG if possible. It’s probably available to stream on venues besides Hulu.

Dear Friends: The weather was lovely for Easter and so I hope was your whole day. Diana

One thought on “Long May They Roll

  1. Dave and I both enjoyed RBG. We had a fun Easter with the kids and Grands. We let our guard down some but will hope we got away with it. β€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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