Thursday, April 23, 2020 (Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #36)

The dogs and I hiked by a big canal in a downpour, fairly light but steady. That rain was unexpected despite the day’s overcast, for my place was dry as the dogs leaped into the Jeep. But out there beside the canal, my big camera quickly became very wet. I zipped it into my jacket to hang in dead weight throughout our hike. Happily, my waterproof cell phone camera worked acceptably.

Most striking about our walk were the colors. Their dampness stood them out, each appearing distinctive, intense. Various shades of green stood out against other shades lighter and darker.

Thin and wispy plants appeared distinctive even among thicker branches and tree trunks. I felt total delight upon spotting early sand lilies, in full-bloom.

Heavily imprinted rocks always draw my attention, their interesting flora and fauna worthy of study. Yesterday, those rocks with heaviest imprinteur and rain-wet were even more beautiful.

Here’s a juniper that surprised me as maybe one of the biggest and healthiest anywhere. At least, to my eyes. It was impossible to capture a photo of the tree in its entirety. But you’ll sense its majesty.

This outing was wonderful, too, for the dogs. Possibly, my hike’s every mile equates to three-to-five miles of their running and playing. The only problem comes from having long-coated dogs with coats that capture twigs and brush. They carry the debris home, and yesterday’s wet coats held those tangles extra tight.


Dear Friends: Stamina and bravery out in the elements can bring learning and delight. Diana

2 thoughts on “Drenched!

  1. I’m glad you and your dogs got out yesterday. I did not feel up for a ride yesterday but we hauled the horses out to the place on Rickard Road where we parked when you drove Sunni out there. We just unloaded them and took them for a walk and let them graze! They could not believe their good fortune! The dogs liked tagging along at a leisurely pace. I brushed Ducky when she would stand still long enough. She grazes so fiercely that she pulls much of the grass up by the roots 🥴

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