Wednesday, April 22, 2020 — Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #35

Yesterday delivered two very different mood-sets.

In the afternoon, while riding horseback on Sunni, I smiled every minute. We covered the three mile loop that in previous summers was our driving route. The streets are paved and Sunni has no shoes, so she had to stay at a walk. She self-selected the gravelled roadside, wide enough mostly to accommodate us, and ignored the few passing vehicles.

Some folks were walking by themselves. We tagged and chatted from opposite sides of the roads, meeting neighbors, some new to the area and others who’ve lived here long. We passed folks working on their properties who waved and said they’re missing my horse and me passing by. I said we’ll soon start driving again.

Sunni is a lovely mare, easy-going, cooperative. Riding her is a happy experience. I’ve ridden little after she was trained to drive. But we’re in a strange period of self-isolation. It’s put driving on hold and returned me to a saddle. But driving is a sport that’s fun for horse and driver alike and we’ll return to it soon.

Late in the evening, while watching Amanpour & Company, my mood became dark upon suddenly comprehending more clearly the huge scope of Corvid-19. Christianne interviewed Dr. Dennis Carroll who was behind the Netflix show “Pandemic” which predicted the current viral situation.

Carroll points out that the earth’s exploding population has delivered environmental havoc. Today the earth’s population is 8 billion; up from one hundred years ago when it numbered a mere 2 billion. There also a corresponding increase in wealth in which more people seek animal protein, causing chaos in the animal industry management and supply chain. This enormous influx of people and animals that causes environmental impact also loosens viruses heretofore less threatening.

Dr. Carroll is a zooquarium or all-animal expert who studies all species. His perspective like that of other scientists is that a vaccine is our most important goal against Corvid-19, and that’s at least is 12 to 18 months away. Medicine that would alleviate the illness is a step forward, but inadequate unless we know possibilities of immunity after recovering from the disease.

These viruses are living organisms. I want to learn more and understand their dangers today, and how society’s future may evolve. Scientists have concluded that Corvid-19 didn’t escape from a scientific laboratory. They believe it’s from a bat that bit an animal destined for a Chinese live-animal market–an animal consumed by one or more humans.

Once my food supply has becomes low and needs an infusion, I intend to “go vegan”. It will be my little way to encourage altering agri-business to help the environment.

Dear Friends: For the long, tough row ahead, we must be aware, fit, and adaptable. Diana

One thought on “Spaces

  1. I have been vegan or actually whole food plant based for close to four years now and I can happily drive by a herd of cows without feeling guilty. I feel so much better, too. I would suggest watching Forks over Knives, it is on Netflix also check out He is huge on the impact that the meat and dairy industry has on climate change and the environment


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