Clouds & Horses

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #34

I was planning to capture yesterday afternoon’s beautiful clouds when Sunni strode into the scene. Clouds sometimes are compelling but a horse is always. I decided against going for a close-up of Broken Top and its unusual cloud cover, and opted instead for a bigger photo with Sunni. Right then, Rosie drifted in and paused on Sunni’s right side. That might have been another good photo op, if my lens hadn’t blurred slightly the two horses.

Throughout the sky, those afternoon clouds were soft, fluffy, and captivating. Some low and partially covering the Cascades. They made the mountains almost magical. All afternoon, I planned to retreat with camera to a recently cleared high spot on my property. Earlier, after removing heavy low tree limbs, I discovered a different, surprisingly pleasant view of the mountains. Later, the seemingly unending work of clearing piles of tree branches tired me out. So today, I’ll hike to that spot for photo-taking.

This morning the clouds dawned still beautiful. The entire sky looked as if Renoir had created it. If the clouds hold steady, my first goal will be to fulfill that photo mission. My next will be to saddle and ride a horse through my recently cleared areas. We’ll continue down the street toward a local outback with a dirt road, appropriate footing for a barefoot horse, that stretches for a good distance beneath high-power lines.

Dear Friends: It’s beautiful outside, a wonderful spring day. Diana

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