Monday, April 20, 2020, Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #33

I’ve spent a bunch of days, during this semi-isolation, trimming trees on my property. It’s an effective and satisfying way to be in a private space, physically active and less confined. Today this process is near an end. I’ve tackled the most offending trees with low-hanging and tangled limbs, and am doing a final clean-up.

The cleaning-up has required lopping greenery from big branches, hauling the lops to a burn-ready pile, and sawing logs into pieces for transporting. In early to mid-May, our local landfill will grant a period of free dumping for yard debris. Instead of burning my discards, they’ll go there for recycling.

Ending the trimming makes me wonder what else might keep me outside and active. I began trimming branches with the secondary wish of riding horseback without fears of being knocked off by low-hanging branches. It’s interesting how a project expands as one works on it. Trimming opened space and light enough to let me really visualize a riding trail around my property’s perimeter.

That will be the next project. A riding path will require digging up and moving rocks, at least those that are diggable and moveable as many are solid bedrock. Those bedrocked might keep the pathway too bumpy for driving a horse while in a vehicle, but that’s to be discovered.

Thinking about horses brings another vision, of them grazing on newly accessible areas. This possibility may develop. For improving even a small area usually creates a desire to improve adjoining areas. There are many reasons for creating more of a horse property, because in fact, this is a horse property. For years, long neglected trees and big rocks have hindered horse access and safe usage.

Dear Friends: Environmental circumstances push us into efforts we might rather avoid. Diana

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