Lemonade Times

Sunday, April 19, 2020….Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #32

My little pack dogs are controversial even out here on four acres. Their noise rockets through space and lands against nearby buttes that return the sounds. Some neighbors don’t like dogs but are otherwise nice people, who in the past have threatened to turn me into the County, for keeping noisy dogs, and they did. At first, worries about this were consuming, but eventually, I realized that a property that houses horses, goats, and chickens doesn’t top of the County’s list of targets to “get rid of your dogs”.

Over time and at least on the surface, neighbors have accepted dog noises from my place. This is worthy of respect, because for example, my worst-offending dog has high-pitched, insistent barks that when she’s worried may be continuous. That her noise carries far became clear last winter when I could hear her calling me home, as I was a quarter-mile away where my horses were grazing on a neighboring pasture. My hat’s off in respect and gratitude to tolerating neighbors.

This week a wonderful note landed in my “glad jar”, from a neighbor living about a half-mile away who’s a fellow blogger. Her note says, “As for your pups, I LOVE it when I hear them singing! It’s one of the neighborhood’s alternative communication systems!” Oh, Jill, thank you!

Another neighborhood friend and I are exchanging some of the humorous takes on mask-making that arise in this period of lockdown. It’s really very cool, that humans can turn uncomfortable and often serious events into humorous cartoons, videos, and writings. Humor is the brain’s wonderful self-deprecating element that helps us cope better singularly and as groups.

That noisy dog, now eight years old, arrived here as an eight-week old puppy. She’s highly alert and the pack’s best spotter of everything that happens down at the street and on the property. Her presence and alertness please me. Our experiences because she’s noisy makes me thankful that we aren’t residents in the city itself where police may be required to respond to noise complaints.

Dear Friends: In this long haul through the Corvid-19 phase, let’s keep a bright side up. Diana

2 thoughts on “Lemonade Times

  1. I hope this is a recent photo of your dogs enjoying the now full canals. Our dogs are delirious about wading and swimming again. 😊❤️

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  2. So happy you enjoyed the comment about our “neighborhood’s alternative communication systems”. 🙂 I need to give credit for this concept to a wonderful humanbeing, Rajo, who suggested it a little dinner gathering we had, also attended by a couple of your neighbors. We were talking about listening to the sounds of our neighborhoods! Here’s a link to Rajo’s instagram photos, where she heads up a project called #MakeYourBreakfastSmile with lots of tasty photos of smiling food! https://www.instagram.com/p/B_IIYJRh8NM/


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