Howdy, Spring!

Monday, April 27, 2020, Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #40

The winds this morning are moving and making treetops wave. Soon I’ll go outside to feed the large animals, and afterwards hang out with a water hose to sprinkle newly emerging flowers. Oddly, in this spring, the little bluebirds that for years have nested in my barn haven’t returned. Although I love them, it’s okay that they’re elsewhere. They’ve always chosen the worst, most dangerous spots to build nests. Either their nests are on ceiling boards, spaced so that babies may fall through, or they’re too-easy to reach by Maxwell, my barn cat, who knows when babies are in the barn.

In this nesting season, I’ve been hearing and watching our local Raven pair, always busy, noisy, and relatively unbothered by humans. They often park in nearby trees, chattering, or they swoop around overhead, near enough for me to hear as their wings break the air. Or, they’ll settle on the ground and wait to drink while I’m filling a horse trough.

As I’m working on the property, it’s fun listening to the quails sounding off. But my favorite bird calls might be those of Mountain Bluebirds. Their “Hi, Baby” reminds me of years riding horseback and returning aloud their calls. Even today, I smile and reply, “Hi Baby”.

It’s all good, as long as I don’t discover Maxwell’s mitts having grabbed a critter. If he catches a bird (brings them into the garage), he’s automatically grounded a few days, is miserable housebound, for he loves being outside. Yesterday, he stayed nearby and in today’s header photo, you’ll see his hunting method. My camera caught him in a cozy spot, nestled against a rock, hanging out quietly and unmoving. Woe to a critter that might land or try to pass nearby. He reaches and grabs, the lazy opportunist!

Dear Friends: Netflix’s new one-segment piece, on Corvid-19 (2020), is worth watching. Diana

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