Storming ‘n Streaming

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Yesterday a squall rushed through bringing slanting, heavy rains and massive winds. It provided little warning beforehand, catching me both outside and clear down by the barn. I’d have hung out there with a beer (from barn’s cooler) through the rains and winds. That choice wasn’t optimal because Miles, my Border Collie who deathly fears storms, would desperately try to claw his way into the house. So, covering my head with a piece of cardboard, I hurried uphill against battering rains and winds. My speedy arrival at the house prevented damage by Miles, clawing madly at woodwork that surrounds the entryway.

About once annually, we get a doozy storm like that, but not quite. Usually, a long hard downpour falls over a twenty-four hour period, steadily on and off. Yesterday’s storm lasted only a half hour, and this morning’s social media suggest that some local areas might have received snow. In any case, t’was a drenching.

Fortunately, having completed most of my hauling of brush to the landfill, I chose to take that wet chilly day off without feeling guilty. That way, I could focus on learning more about the recent film that has caught my interest: “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” (steaming on Hulu, in French with subtitles). Its emotionally moving and complex script drew me back, to absorb more slowly and in more narrow context what its characters were expressing. That closer review has reinforced a script that perfectly supports the film’s themes and correct, moody cinematography. The critical aspects fit together completely, like a great novel’s key elements.

Today is overcast likely with more rain. If again stuck inside, I’ll search recent back issues of major newspapers and magazines for what reviewers are streaming and appreciating. A problem, for example on Netflix and Hulu, is an avoidance of showing detailed movie casts and creators. Instead, they short-circuit those and move viewers rapidly on to more videos.

Here’s hoping today is warm and sunny enough to stay outside.

Dear Friends: Speaking of magazines, humorous self-isolating pieces are getting funnier. Diana

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