Time Warps

Friday, May 22, 2020

I scan the papers nowadays not for news but in search of humor. Give me cartoons, puns, unique takes on what’s happening, opinions that stimulate laughter, and unique or even perverse views on living, relationships, and happiness. Gimme some backward bright glances through mirrors.

We need humor to get through our ongoing days of captured, constrictive aloneness, or in our smallish groups of togetherness. Whatever our situations, each day introduces a same starting thought: What’ll I do all this day? Of course, there’s television, food, booze, decks with bird-feeders, and always a bed or couch for napping.

Someone in our neighborhood who’s good at Calligraphy created on craft paper little Tao-ish sayings and using pretty ribbons randomly hung them from tree limbs. We walkers at first were astonished to find them and now we pause often to read and enjoy.

Meanwhile I’ve wondered, what’s with all the online noise about baking? Who can stay indoors without adequate exercise to work off accumulating personal fat–and bake?

I decided to go to markets and look at their baking shelves. Yep, the sellers are low on flour, and if any happens to be in stock, they’ve sold-out the most associated and critical baking supplies. But something was happening to me, and stumbling across a couple five-lb. bags of flour, I grabbed one. I didn’t want to bake but thought maybe others would consider that bag worth some sheckles. I’m becoming desperate, having been laid off from my job and afraid of tampering with stocks that might again rise someday.

That unopened flour got popped into a freezer in my garage. Long ago I learned to freeze in order to ensure the deaths of possible tiny larvae that become irritating pantry moths. Although these days, I might welcome having a little moth company and might enjoy participating in the exercise of trying to eradicate them. Enough now of this, for the personal history behind that idea is another story.

The other day, on opening my garage refrigerator and rediscovering that bag of flour, my interest returned to the indoors world of baking. By now, social media are convincing and surely, there’s more about baking that’s inviting, other than simply working through the process, and afterwards, gobbling warmly delicious, buttery goodies.

Does it still seem to me a good idea to try marketing to others a bag of flour? Or should instead I try to bake something? But how do non-bakers handle the measuring, mixing, kneading, and assessing of doneness? Moreover, what does a non-bread-eater do with breads from the oven? Well, who cares?

I went online to the big outlets for a bread-making machine. Those most affordable and simple are out of stock. Still available are very expensive makers with too many buttons and possibilities. By now, I’m determined to make a loaf of bread, and by gum I added myself to a waiting list for an inexpensive machine that’s currently out of stock. My machine will make breads only, not cakes, jellies, and other such stuff possible from the big machines.

I don’t eat bread, but I’ll make it. The baking will kill time and focus my brain. Then, loaves will let me (similar to New Yorkers who rope-drop newly-baked goods to their lower-floor neighbors) leave randomly on doorsteps in my neighborhood fresh breads.

Dear Friends: Who knows how we’ll all evolve before this Cv-19 era wraps up. Diana

One thought on “Time Warps

  1. You know you can make bread in your oven. Grant has been doing it although with mixed results. We are having trouble getting the top 3/4 inch of the loaf to cook and think it may be altitude related. We’ve been checking the oven temperature with two thermometers and it seems even. Flour is actually getting easier to find unless you are looking for something esoteric like rye flour. Yeast is still hard to find. I always look for it and find it about once in five visits. But now we are overflowing with sourdough starter, which if you like sourdough bread solves the yeast problem. Also Dad said to go ahead and take my mother’s bread making machine over to Bend. Grant loves bread. I like it but the carbs do a number on my metabolism.


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