On A Trail Again

Julie & her dog, Honey, leading

Thursday, May 28, 2020

I hitched my horse trailer, loaded riding tack and a horse, and took off heading to the far east side of town. There, after linking up with friends Julie and Dave, they led the way on a lovely ride out in an area that, at first to me, appeared to be the middle of nowhere.

Actually, we were taking a well-trodden trail that at the time was without other humans or animals. Julie led us over a bit of off-trail which led to a rise with magnificent views of the mountains. That very high place made visible the entire Cascades, from Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Hood. That horizon circled back toward us to include the Powell Buttes.

Besides my sense of awe at the view, was the joy of being on horseback and out on a trail. I’d not ridden for a couple of years, instead have driven my horses. The pleasure of feeling a horse through my body instead of eyesight and reins had slipped away. My pony, Sunni, is as solid and dependable while carrying me as when she’s pulling my carriage.

Julie and I were riding Morgans while Dave was on his beautiful Quarter Horse. We were a compatible trio. Julie led, I was in the center, and Dave followed. Julie and Dave have explored on horseback most of Central Oregon (and other areas). They know almost all the local and many far-flung trails. Dave says he probably could find riding trails, and all on public lands, that would take him clear to the California Border. My lucky opportunity, to go riding with them.

Now that my trailer is hitched and clean, and inside has tack, with horses at the ready, our weather warm and lovely, all’s in line for getting out and riding. Accompanying my horseback travels will be four at-the-ready and eager-to-go, great trail dogs.

Dear Friends: It’s summer, finally!, and new ways to shake bumming-outs from Cv-19. Diana

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