Creative Fun

Sunday, May 31, 2020

To me, a “critical element of being” is human creativity–something I’m always considering and seeking. We find examples everywhere of ways in which individuals express their creative energies. Understanding this is a matter of looking around and while observing, actively thinking and allowing ourselves to “feel” what we see.

We’re into this mode, say, while observing formal art in a gallery, or seeing works of art in casual settings. We have accessible and wonderful opportunities to see motion pictures. Movies encompass both the performing and visual arts. They let us “get into” the actual experiences of observing, thinking, and feeling.

These months of semi-isolation, mask- and glove-wearing, have been encouraging new forms of creativity. Take Zoom for example, a meeting method that works to connect and also is boring. The technology that fosters Zoom has allowed those who present the news to continue broadcasting, and now from their homes and with guests speaking to the news from their own homes. We’re becoming used to this and no longer missing broadcasts from studio settings.

This morning, in a unique and creative take on remote meetings, the Washington Post is reporting that it held an unique spelling bee. The “Washington Post Opinion Spelling Bee” is a substitute for the annual Scripts Spelling Bee, cancelled this year. The seven WP Opinion Bee contestants are some of its producers and writers. The eighth contestant is last year’s Scripts Bee winner, Vanya Shivashankar, who’s just completed her first year as a Yale student. The WP Bee’s moderator, Dr. Jacques Bailly, is the “official pronouncer” during actual nationally-broadcasted Scripts Spelling Bees.

The WP participants are participating from their homes, are very bright and some wonderful spellers, and they’re all having fun. Dr. Bailly has formatted the contest into a Scripts type bee. In fascination I watched, hoping for correct spellings by all participants and enjoying my anticipations of who might wind up winning.

Here’s clever creativity in a Zoom-type format. See for yourself:

Dear Friends: Being is about seeing, processing, playing, and above all, finding. Diana

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