More Ab-Fab

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

I awaken early, to many new emails in my inbox. Today’s total twenty-six, the whole lot recaps what’s going on or anticipates what’s coming next. I won’t read any, for mostly these repeat the contents of the previous twenty-six or so in my inbox.

Ahem, it’s the same day after day. There’s rioting, rogue coppers, lives mattering, an unhinged president, an attorney general who might be Lon Chaney reincarnated, and senate leader, Mr. No-chin. My index finger begins hitting the delete button. My strong inner-voice is channeling Michael’s, “‘Beat it’, all of you!”

Forget a need to obsess about new news when one has become saturated in an old British television series, “Absolutely Fabulous” (now streaming). Sure, the show is slightly dated, it makes fun of what societies dealt with, tried adjusting to, in the late Twentieth and early Twenty-First Centuries.

Nonetheless, its situations are very transferable and still relevant. That’s because of great scripts and terrific actors. The episodes highlight human struggles to combat personal and social angsts. It’s about “norms” and plays with various ways that humans may (or not) understand, accept, and conform to social expectations.

Why do we need so much “new-news”, forcing ourselves to cycle through a sad range of human emotions? Isn’t it true that the “same-olds” are better later, easier to absorb? Aren’t social and political struggles more fun viewed through an artist’s lens?

Dear Readers: Adapting to fashions, cultures, and norms, high-angst and absolutely fabulous. Diana

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