Slimming Down

Thursday, June 11, 2020

As I write it’s raining again, after several overnight bouts. This welcome moisture makes difficult the task of ridding weeds on my property. I self-console by deciding to forget weeds and instead go horseback riding. The trails won’t be dusty today unless rain becomes steadily-intermittent or continuous. In years past, I’ve ridden in rain and enjoyed it. But I was younger, tougher, more courageous. These days I tend to seek comfort over adventure.

Speaking of comfort, and after long-arguing with myself, I’ve cancelled my cable TV subscription. I’ll keep the internet, or streaming service, because it’s often used. As for cable, during the continuous coronavirus semi-lockdown, networks daily carried endless hours of White House briefings, and afterwards, one talking head after another echoed everything. Gradually, I quit watching.

Meanwhile, the streaming services are upping their offerings, some of which are terrific. There’s plenty that’s appealing to watch. It’s also possible to view network news channels through such as Hulu. If there’s a premium charge, maybe it’s less than subscribing to cable.

National newspapers report that cable-watching significantly has dropped off through these months of self-isolation and coronavirus-reporting. Lot of other folks also have become bored and willing to dump their cable channels. That most of us have turned daily to streaming services is reflected among key providers as majorly-increasing stock prices.

I’m wiping my hands of cable, rehanging a window antenna. I’ll look forward to free PBS News-hours with Judy and her crew keeping me reasonably apprised.

Besides, my neighbors subscribe to cable and also stock some Coors Lite. Experience with neighbors has taught that similar political views may be agents of happy bonding. Maybe if there’s something coming up on cable that I simply can’t miss, they’ll let me sit-in and watch, maybe even with a cold brew.

Dear Friends: Sun’s begun to shine, so I’ll pack-it-all-in and go out to ready my horses. Diana

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