Steinpilz (boletus edulis) – porcini mushroom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

(A note on yesterday’s blog: I was running late and borrowed from a free source an image of mushrooms. I titled it “Porcinis”. That photo wasn’t of porcinis. An alert reader caught my error and wondered if I correctly can recognize wild porcinis. Yes! I consume them, too, and haven’t fallen ill. Thank you, reader! Most photos are from my camera, but occasionally with exceptions and I’ll be more careful. BTW, today’s header photo (also from a free source) is accurate.)

Today, I’ll meet up with my long time friend, Dave, who’s also my mushrooming mentor. He can identify many species and rate their safety as food. Some food-safe mushrooms, like porcinis and morels, are easy for novices like me to identify. Among other easily-recognizable species, and with Dave’s help, I wish to know those “unmistakable shapes” that are edible.

Yesterday in a rain, the dogs and went into forested country for a long hike. As we ambled along a road, they were in dog heaven, noses pointed into cracks, crevices, and ground holes.

On the road

It’s been years since I’ve wanted to be in the forested west side. Those recent mushrooming experiences have revived feelings of health and happiness by “just being” in Nature’s Heart. I wished to be outside with my dogs among trees in the rain.


Dear Friends: A perfect day’s adventure may be pretty close to the front door. Diana

2 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Sorry Diana! Didn’t mean to be undermining, I just wanted to be sure you are safe! So happy you are exploring the incredible world of fungi. If you want a guidebook I absolutely recommend “all that the rain promises and more”

    Enjoy the fabulous fungi!

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