Out & About

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Today will be warm and not highly windy, so I’ve a double schedule. This morning, I’ll drive to high grounds and hunt for mushrooms. This afternoon, I’ll gather the horses and ride. Those heavy plans might exhaust but make me happy.

Mushrooming is a sport with phases–hunting, preparing, devouring–enjoyable. Odd for me because until recently mushrooms were interesting only if specified in a recipe. Well, I did long-ago happily discover that a grilled portabella on a bun substitutes excellently as a burger. Maybe mushrooming pleases so since I’m seeking porcinis, easy to recognize and harvest, they resemble meaty portabellas.

Horseback outings are lovely. This summer, after several years of hitching and driving my horses, I’m again riding. This shift has forced me to re-learn how to tack-up securely, maintain in-saddle balance over varying terrains, manage a horse under saddle, another being ponied, our loyal donkey loosely following her horses, and my pack of eager dogs. Lots of work with technical issues, but special feelings arise when in a saddle, riding in open large areas. There occurs a wonderful multi-species reliving of history with adventure, discovery, and close communicating relationships.

Today, It’ll all happen.

Dear Friends: Wish me the luck to accomplish everything and enjoy every moment. Diana

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