Circles Of Life

Steph & her daughter, Debbie (Obama’s adviser on Indian affairs)

Monday, June 22, 2020

I’m excited! My friend Stephanie is coming for a visit, and this time for sure as she has a ticket and arrival schedule. We’ve been “best friends” since high school, but have not for years sat together talking. We’ve shared through FB, messaging, and phone calls, but have lots more catching-up to do.

Her story is fascinating. After marrying a Native American, she spent her adult life on the Navajo Reservation, and at times in Arizona cities. Her husband and children, all high achievers, attained success in their chosen fields and gained prominence and respect. Her grandchildren, bright, creative, and energetic, are following in their parents’ footsteps. And her young great-grandchildren are of the same mold.

I’m eager for as many details of her story as she’s willing to share. I hope she’ll enjoy being with me and also will like this Central Oregon environment, to which I’ll introduce her. Stephanie won’t find that my having horses are a new experience. Her family are horse savvy–great riders and athletes. Most of her kids and grandkids are expert barrel racers and ropers, high-ranking and well-known in rodeo circuits.

I applaud her many successes. As a wife and mom she ingrained into her family, her own high focus, energy, and innate political savvy. Although a product of all-white Burbank (and part-time Florida), she integrated successfully into a very complex Native American culture. Today, still bright, savvy, enthusiastic, and a great encourager, she understands much about loving and collaborating.

Welcome soon, Steph! We’ve ahead much catching-up, exploring ideas, and laughing together.

Dear Friends: It takes nearly a lifetime to realize this, but living long has its rewards. Diana

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