Pocket Thoughts

Monday, June 29, 2020

Here’s one of my top feminist issues: There’s a continuous lack of decently-deep pockets in ladies wear, specifically in slacks, jeans, sweats, and just about all clothing designed to cover legs.

It’s no joking matter for one who routinely carries several items in pockets hopefully deep enough to hold their contents securely. I usually take along my cell phone, wallet, keys, a small notebook and writing instrument, and a little auxiliary camera. A ladies wear with too-shallow pockets forces me to strap on a fanny pack. It soon starts hanging heavily from my waist, and is heavy even if I pare the contents to three essentials, my cell phone, wallet, and keys.

This always has bugged me. I usually wear men’s jeans because of their nice deep pockets that hold items securely. Last year I lost weight and the smallest men’s sizes were too big. That forced me into ladies jeans. I’m happy enough with their fit, but unhappily, I now need that fanny pack or other unwanted external carrier.

It’s puzzling how in these days of slacks and jeans women don’t gather and demand deeper pockets. I’ve been one also who’s not spoken of this. But recently while listening to an interview with a woman film-maker, I heard her complain about women’s shallow pockets. She commented that it’s because there’s a long-time convention of preventing women from keeping secrets.

That caught my attention. It was time for a little research.

Why do designers put shallow, fake, or non-existent pockets in women’s jeans? A woman designer says that making garments without pockets is cheaper, plus items carried in pockets interfere with a woman’s all-important slender silhouette, and eventually, fabrics will stretch, so oft-used pockets become wrinkly and unsightly. What!

According to some, pocket-size may equate to power. Women are less powerful than men so have pockets for decoration only. There also are the huge fashion industry’s goals, its serious business of designing and successfully marketing auxiliary accessories, like handbags, belts, briefcases, and backpacks.

Okay, there are many explanations for tradition, but usually there are underlying attitudes also that harken back through time. Always the historical status of women has been secondary to men. Perhaps there’s a deep truth in the female movie-maker’s comment that, “shallow pockets prevent us from keeping secrets”.

By the way, I discovered online at least one women’s jeans maker that builds-in deep pockets. Unfortunately, those pockets make that brand of jeans way too pricey for my casual wear budget.

Dear Friends: Like many women, I’ve tended to pocket this major personal issue. Diana

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