Riding With Judy

Monday, July 13, 2020

Judy and I have known each other for several years and in a very-nonathletic setting. Recently, after she’d not been on a horse in years, we linked-up and rode together at Bend’s Horse Butte National Forest. Judy was on Sunni, I on Rosie, followed by Pimmy Donkey and three happy trail dogs. We were about to test a several-miles horseback loop that for weeks I’d been trying to identify.

Sunni is easy to get along with and Judy quickly rediscovered her “saddle seat”.

Judy, Sunni, Miles, & Pimmy
Ready to leave the trailhead

We had partial success in locating the entire trail. Parts of the desired-loop are very dim after long periods of disuse. Several times, we found ourselves having to bushwack in searching for paths of the riding loop. The horses willingly took us into nooks and crannies among large rock outcroppings. Judy, bravely and uncomplaining, “was in” throughout.

This ride occurred after an earlier one in which Donkey Pimmy suddenly had disappeared. This donkey always follows her horses but tends to lag behind. In that “disappearing event”, which almost gave me a stroke, Pimmy was following far behind. While she was beyond my sight, a Forest Ranger caught and “rescued” Pimmy. Luckily and helped by friends, Julie and Dave, Pimmy quickly was returned.

During our ride, Judy and I were careful to make sure we never lost sight of the donkey.

As we rambled in searches for trail paths, Judy told me about her husband, Greg. She said he’s a whiz with a GPS, that he studies the layouts of potential hiking terrains, tracks the routes of his hiking journeys, and never becomes lost. Following our ride, Judy made certain that Greg and I had an opportunity to meet. He’s exactly as she described, capable with electronics, and besides that, very patient and kind. Greg explained how electronics can help me define and map my desired horseback loop.

Dear Friends: Ferreting the goodnesses of electronics takes study, discipline, and practice. Diana

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