That Trail, Again

Rosie looking toward “Hunters’ Camp”

Friday, July 17, 2020

My map-reading friend, Susie, seemed a bit confused trying to interpret my cellphone map of a horseback travel through the “Blue Elderberry Trail”. I attempted to clarify locations of key features on the trail but some varied from her memories, herself having ridden that trail. Finally, we downed the last of our beers and decided to start over. We erased my map.

Tabula rasa, I’ll begin anew. I’ve memorized the trail and will ride again, but with the mapping program newly refreshed to “follow me”. I’ll stop exacement at key points to drop pins and name them. Susie tends to be a perfectionist about details and I’m more loose, but we both hope to wind up with a correct map. She, because she loves the outdoors and maps, and me, because I’m slightly nutty.

I hope to get this trail right before introducing it to my friends, the Gilberts. They ride horseback and have explored most of the area’s riding opportunities, have introduced me to riding trails that I’d otherwise never have discovered. In my heart, I think they’re likely to recognize much if not all of “Blue Elderberry Trail”. At the very least, their travels in that area this time will be unique from the company of Susie and me.

Yep, I’ve gone nutty about this mapping project. It might evolve in ways that are exciting.

Dear Friends: Gotta hustle, Mechanic Dale, after repairing Jeep, is en route to give me a lift. Diana

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