“The Greenery” Revisited

Moment of rediscovery

Monday, July 27, 2020

My “Blue Elderberry Horse Trail” is set clearly in my mind now, eliminating needs to mess with electronic maps, pins, and waypoints. Ambling along a forest road, I rode Rosie who insisted on jigging-jogging along (another story!). I ponied Sunni, and as usual, my Pimmy in donkey-time was tagging (she now sports a cowbell that clangs her nearness). With us was (my single dog without a limp) Ranger, forever running in large circles to search for chipmunks.

The road we were one was one from which I usually turn. Now following farther, it brought a big surprise by delivering my little parade to a section of forest that I call “The Greenery”. Now we were viewing from its topmost side. Up where we were, the forest is populated more with color, even more beautiful than down below at its lower road that’s on my “Blue Elderberry” map.

Upper section with flowers and greenery abounding

Our road went straight into and through The Greenery. This might be a road that our friend Susie spotted on a map, appearing faint and nearly obsolete. We were curious about it, and now in real time, I found it in fine condition. As we moved along through the area, our road curved and began to point us in a direction returning to the trailhead, two miles away. We followed the road until it again curved, and now in a direction opposite from the trailhead.

In situations of traveling on an unfamiliar road while managing several animals, I often become timid about going forward. This time, too, I decided to backtrack. As usual, I could return another day to explore more. I’m unclear as to why breaks in passages may boost my courage. Maybe it’s that traveling a new road gains familiarity and later invites returning and pushing forward.

Here cometh it, clanging cowbell

Later this week, I’ll ride with a friend and needn’t manage two horses. That topside Greenery might become our target area. If so, we may explore the suddenly-curving part of the road that goes in a direction away from the trailhead.

Dear Friends: My jigging-jogging Rosie, will be bridled, bitted, and will be listening to her rider. Diana

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