Lost In Planning

Sunday, August 02, 2020

This summer in Central Oregon has offered incredibly beautiful days. We do get real hot weather but usually later in the afternoons. During a day’s early and mid-sections, the relatively cool weather invites folks to outdoor activities. My hours outdoors are consumed by caring for property and animals, and visits to a local forest to ride on horseback.

We’re rolling into August, argurably Central Oregon’s hottest month. Experience teaches that our August weather has unique demands. I’m hoping to accommodate by rearranging my days, so it’s possible to leave earlier for outside activities. In an afternoon’s oncoming heat, I want to be inside, simply vegging-out with streaming videos.

To facilitate this, my riding arrangement will change. Instead of taking all my animals together out, I’ll begin hauling a single horse to ride and will alter their outings. Unfortunately, that means Pimmy often remains home and baby-sits the horse left behind.

I’ve a triple purpose for hauling single horses. One horse enables riding’s sheer pleasure and time to work more with individual animals to strengthen our trail-partnerships. A third plus is that handling single horses leaves more freedom to fiddle with my electronic assists. I want to learn more about features that, for example, enable using a compass, and allow for creating and saving maps of horse-trails.

Dear Friends: Time has escaped me, and again no photo. I’ll plan to do better tomorrow. Diana

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