Goin’ wit da’ Flow

Lunch time

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Another fine ride yesterday with me on Sunni and Anna riding Rosie. The horses took us over a big lava ridge, on a lovely horse-trail I discovered earlier. Next, we crossed again that large ridge, but through another section, with our willing and confident horses creating a new trail.

My activities will change starting today. I’m resuming part-time work as a sample server at Costco. The paperwork is done, I’ll go this morning for reorientation and to start working. The process has changed, and now Servers won’t cook or hand out bits of edibles. Instead, we’ll recite product worthiness and distribute pre-packaged samples.

I understand that we’ll stand behind plexiglass barriers and wear plastic face guards. We must wear gloves, change them frequently, and of course, do lots of hands-washing.

I’ve thought much about whether to resume my old job.

Costco has impressed me during these worrisome months. The store continually sanitizes its shopping carts, and monitors that every person entering wears a mask. I’ve seen how carefully the store is managing for cleanliness and supporting distancing guidelines.

There are negatives in that I’ll have less time to play with horses, less energy for tending to property, and as a senior, I’m vulnerable to illness.

The big positive is feeling lucky to have paying work in these economically depressed times. My part time job qualified me for unemployment benefits, and would again in case of a need to halt sample-distributing.

Nothing’s locked in stone, and today will be informative. If the newly revamped serving process doesn’t feel right, I can reconsider a decision to work.

Dear Friends: “My summer on horseback” has been wonderful, rewarding and fun! Diana

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