Summer Thoughts

Janet on Sunni

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

This will be short and fast, as it’s to be an at-work day and I’m running later than usual.

One of the members of our local driving club has asked to go riding with me, and I’m pleased for an opportunity to expand our friendship. Driving with others is fun, but not similar to the sort of hanging out and just talking that happens with others while horseback riding. This summer of horsebacking has been great fun, because of the riding itself and for becoming more in touch with friends.

It’s also been a period of new adventure, as I’ve tried to learn and understand better my somewhat complicated mare, Rosie. Working to know her more has forced me to recognize more within myself, and some personal insights have been surprising. I’m not yet articulate about these surprises but will be by the time Rosie and I completely are in sync.

Basically it’s true, that to get “the feel of a horse” means searching equally to understand more of one’s own feelings. Believe me, it’s is easier said than done.

Anyway, this is a prelude to my running out and feeding the large animals. I’m on the way!

Dear Friends: Hope you have a wonderful day. Diana

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