A Lesson Learned

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

One of the tires on my horse trailer has for weeks given me fits from a visible nail. It probably was picked up in the Horse Butte parking area. There maybe thousands of nails lay around from wood-burnings conducted in the area’s center. Many remove the nails we spot easily, but many more are hiding under the area’s dust. Cleaning nails, and sometimes debris, from that trailhead is an unending job. Parking there is a risk to tires.

Because of the CoronaVirus, I hesitated to go to a tire shop. So instead of repairing, I simply kept adding air to the damaged tire. Well, until yesterday, when the tire wouldn’t accept more air. It turned out that the tire store was respectful of the epidemic. I had to stay inside my truck while workers checked the problem tire. It turned out to be unrepairable, for running through were a couple of screws and a staple, and it also sported a large puncture hole. I needed a brand new tire.

(BTW, the tire shop was impressive in its attention to sanitization. It reminded me of the care we take while working inside Costo. We’re continuously maintaining a sanitary environment, cleaning surfaces, wearing and often changing gloves, using masks and not touching our faces. Unfortunately, the tire store had the same sort of in-denial tire customers as we see in Costco. They’re wearing masks beneath their noses, and usually deliberately, a symbolic “finger-up”.)

I’m loving the horseback riding at Horse Butte, and yes, will return. All together on my truck and trailer are ten tires. I’ll gamble that since the parking lot has murdered only one, maybe in my favor are the odds of escaping another tire-battering. For sure though, upon seeing a tire getting low, I’ll move quickly to have it repaired. It’s better now, knowing that a visit to the tire store isn’t particularly unsafe.

Dear Friends: Correctly masking, sanitizing, and washing hands, frequently, are best practices. Diana

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