Seeing Red

Fall in Bend, OR

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Hunting season is about to open. I must be aware that a hunter may misidentify Pimmy and shoot at her. Years ago, I brought home a red saddlebag made for llamas that Pimmy can carry. Once, we tried it out during a ride in the Badlands. Pimmy disliked that bag and in vain tried brushing it by rushing beneath the low limbs of desert trees we passed. I decided to set the bag aside.

These days, as Pimmy follows my horses in the forest, we see signs of activity during hunting seasons. The donkey is loose and will need to signal big that, “I’m not wild game”. Her old red llama pack should work fine. I must be creative to make sure it stays on her among the forest’s low-hanging limbs. If I start getting that bag ready now, she might practice wearing it in our next outing.

The horses also need a bit of non-game identification. They should be recognizable as domestic animals since I’m riding and ponying. Nonetheless, it’s best to avoid underestimating the potential eagerness of a shotgun-holder. So my horses will wear red, most likely ribbons tied to their manes. I’ll also look into food-grade sprays that safely might color their butts (and Pimmy’s).

Legal hunting will continue throughout this year’s remaining months. My horses will be out on the trails and maybe looking funny, but hopefully staying safe.

Dear Friends: In these fall months, our forest trails invite at at their most lovely. Diana

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