Saturday, September 12, 2020

Smoke thick enough to cut with a knife, all day yesterday, and still hangs darkly as this day begins. The fires haven’t crossed the Cascades. We on the east side keenly are aware of blazes and hope they’re contained over west, especially before an occurrence of big winds.

Staying indoors doesn’t help, it’s equally smokey. Yesterday, while in Costco and masked, a smoke-smell was strong. In a short time my eyes were burning. Everybody inside the store said smoke was affecting them. Some customers had managed to cross the Cascades to Bend before that highway’s shut-down. They described devastation they’d seen and concerns about families and friends with threatened homes.

I think about preparing to escape in case Bend residents receive a Level Three evacuation notice. While that seems unlikely, who can say? Yesterday, the contents of shopping carts suggested that residents are uneasy. Those carts carried (besides many cases of wine) large boxes of survival foods packaged to retain a half-life of nearly-forever. Also carts full of storage containers went out, maybe destined to move supplies quickly.

Maybe it’s not mostly from our collective fear of wildfires? Maybe it’s because we’re forced simultaneously to cope-on through this never-ending pandemic? Together, can’t these inspire humans to fill shopping carts with such as booze, storage containers, and sweat-clothing.

It’s about our attempts to work through an ongoing panic mode that we now recognize has enlarged. It’s about humans struggling against nature’s most aggressive elements. They are confronting humans to the limits of our current preparations and capabilities.

Dear Friends: The wildfires are add-ons to an already lengthy, exhausting panic-storm. Diana

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