The Future Is Us

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My weekend is over, today means returning to work. Work is tiring, cuts into time for other (and to me, more important) activities. But I’m grateful for a commitment that forces me to be out and about. These throat-burning smoke days are easier among a variety of folks in a busy store. Best are the opportunities at work to greet old friends and make new ones.

Well, let’s not forget the benefits of a regular paycheck, I like that, too, and especially now as our economy struggles mightily to find a footing that may encourage everybody, regardless of economic status, toward optimism about the future. Currently in our daily living the economy, and other alive elements, like fires, riots, and declining environmental health, rolled together are taking a massive toll on American optimism.

Remember this booster-phrase? “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” Well, it’s an opening and for sure no end game. Sure we fear, but without action also to improve how our governing bodies make decisions and investments, modern societies may be heading toward self-destructing. There are no caveats to boost this mega-destructive 2020. All talk must be about planning and funding needed action for sustainable fixing.

I’ll be happier escaping to work where my role is to smile and parrot-talk: “Here’s a product, it costs such and such, is on a shelf over there, and hey, take some home today!” For a few hours, unless customers pause to share their takes on what’s happening beyond the store, I’ll escape from the driving worries about what our stars may be holding for us.

Dear Friends: The heavy smoke disallows escapes from social/environmental needs. Diana

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