Monday, October 05, 2020

Yesterday my “weekend” began with a lovely day and beautiful weather. Horseback riding was in the forecast and my friend Janet came to help load the animals. Off in the truck we went, to a nearby desertlike area with water for dogs to drink and space to ride horses.

Border Collie Miles shared Janet’s seat. He doesn’t ride in back with the other dogs, for the littlest, Louie, rides there and often snarls to declare his dominance. Louie’s snarkiness shoots from his twenty-five pounds and rules. The others outweigh and ignore, but Miles who’s less tolerant escapes by jumping up-front. If someone’s in “his seat”, he snuggles and won’t be pushed away.

After stretches of working days, it’s wonderful to climb on a horse’s back and unwind. This starts on beginning a ride and having the horse just meander. In open spaces are enormous beauties among land, flora, and sky. These enwrap a human and soon one begins feeling integrated to a world that’s larger and less defined.

As usual, Pimmy follows the horses and dogs. She wears a noisy bell with racket not natural to the environment but announces her presence and reduces twistings of my too-stiff back to look for her.

Life is wonderful in a saddle, although these days that may offer only brief escapes from the widespread social, political, and economic unrest. I try to resist writing about those hot topics, but even in our ride, they existed in Janet’s and my discussions.

Dear Friends: Many t-shirts are supporting big wishes to, “Please, let 2020 end!” Diana

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