Shifting Reality

Saturday, October 10, 2020

The weather is changing, it’s cooler and with fewer daylight hours. These are annual changes, and anticipated but always seem sudden, sort of like awakening one morning and realizing that much is different. Now in my house, transitional jackets long forgotten are turning up and hanging on a banister, easy to grab on my dashes outside.

After stashing the summer fans in my garage, I’ve dredged up my collection of snow pants and jackets, heated gloves, merino wool hats, strap-on headlights and anti-slip shoe spikes. It’s because having to feed large animals makes a very big deal of the winters. These thoughts are reminding me to crank-up snow blowers and check if they’re in running condition.

Our experience in recent years with snowy weather has been relatively easy. We’ve had periods of snow and ice but nothing like the worst years we’ve occasionally experienced. Like several years ago, when almost daily snow fell and stayed on the ground for weeks on end. We had to wade through sitting snow stacked several feet high and try to avoid slippery areas.

Now we’re more experienced with a changing climate and recognize that the winter ahead may deliver periods of unusual and complex weather that though expected might surprise, frighten, and confuse. Anyway, I’ll anticipate a tough winter ahead and prepare, but will keep on hoping that this one becomes another that’s relatively gentle.

Dear Friends: Let’s get our seat belts ready, the “ride ahead” might be real bumpy. Diana

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