Red Bull Morning

Monday, October 19, 2020

The idea came from my artist friend Janet. She suggested costuming Pimmy in her July 4th outfit and creating a photo to promote our preferred candidates. This morning, I thought loosely about her suggestion but felt lazy, uncreative. Needing help, I explored the contents of my garage refrig. and discovered a single Red Bull. I downed it (ugg), and moved into action.

Pimmy’s great July 4th costume had been designed, piecemealed, and sewn by Janet and her (also) very artistic daughters a couple years ago. Since, it’s been un-piecemealed and is stored in various boxes in my garage. Recostuming Pimmy means I’d gather Janet, et al, to help unpack, piecemeal together, and redrape Pimmy. Everybody’s busy, we’re not quick ‘n easy to collect for a project.

Red Bull energized, I decided to adopt Janet’s idea and activate Pimmy in the current election cycle. Using a photo taken by my neighbor Frank a couple years ago, I wiped out its original words and substituted ones that bring alive a version of Janet’s idea.

About collaborating with Janet, there’s more. She reminds me that it’s October, almost year-end! We’ve blown both time and our wish to create a “Pimmy Calendar”! We have imagined a design that shows Pimmy outfitted in various “Janet, et al, costumes”. It includes fun photos of the donkey and her many fans. Our design in the thinking process also needs smart captions. Okay, Janet, there’s still time, if we can get our moves on!

Anyone else up for a Red Bull?

Dear Friends: We’re corralled by the ongoing struggles of dreaming-to-doing. Diana

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