Quality Management?

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Today marks the start of my weekend. On Tuesday, I’ll begin a new job as an assistant supervisor, by spending a week in training. Unfortunately, the training requires my presence at work for eight-hour days. I’ll be following the senior supervisor and learning to support her position. My first challenge is personal, forcing me to be more creative in early mornings before departing home. I want to continue blogging and also handle early ranch chores. Please excuse me, if sometimes I apologize for morning processes getting out of hand.

New elements in my work-life are associated to our newly-decided election. It gives me a sense of relief. While working in Costco, I can anticipate a continuance of mask-wearing. Until now, many shoppers have predicted the election outcome will allow for dropping masks altogether. Their disappointed likely will display in rebellion by continuing to wear MAGA masks, hats, and t-shirts. Recently, Costco hired outside security personnel to ensure normality during shopping hours.

After months of unemployment we sample servers on returning to work at first weren’t allowed to hand out samples. Despite a pandemic and mask-wearing, many customers complained, demanded, and even begged for samples. We began handing out samples on a limited basis, small pre-wrapped and pre-apportioned bits. We asked customers to consume samples outside the store so as not to remove their masks. At first, most customers complied, but quickly that changed. People ignored our requests, lowered masks inside the store, ate, dropped food and paper waste on the floor. For whatever reason, Costco has had enough, is reversing the trend.

Beginning Tuesday, sample servers returning to work won’t hand out samples. We will show an example of our product, verbally describe it and state price and location. Several months ago right after layoffs, that’s how we worked. We showed and described. Beginning Tuesday and as before, many customers will abuse us verbally, for “just standing around, talking endlessly, not handing out samples”. A common spitting-out is, “Why are you here anyway?”

“Well,” I’ve replied, “Finally, I am working again and receiving a paycheck.” Some customers have nodded in understanding and others have sneered.

For we Sample Servers, some things won’t change. For example, we’ll still have the ongoing pressure of assigned sales goals for each product being shown. Our individual performances will be measured against those sales goals.

On Tuesday, to assist with constantly changing conditions in our confusing work-world, I’ll be assuming a supervisory role. Please bear with me.

Dear Friends: My story is a microcosm of the unique disruptives in work processes. Diana

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