Sunday, November 15, 2020

My “weekend” has begun, it’s delicious. During this partial week of my supervisory training, the mornings have been action oriented. Work wants me there by eight a.m., which means very early caring for my large animals. A dislike of working outside in early, dark, scary hours makes me pause for some natural light. This week, between limited early light and an onslaught of awful weather, I’ve not finished early with the horses and have been running late. It’s not been a huge problem because already my manager has been in the office and working.

We who oversee Costco’s daily sample serving process are responsible for bunches of early work. First, we generate mega computer numbers to report the previous day’s costs and sales, and we create documents to guide the current day’s demo servers. After the computer work and before sample server employees arrive to start working, we overseers must prepare and have ready the displays of foods. By ten a.m. all computer reporting and demo food preparing must be complete. My manager knows well the computer systems and keyboards. She’s fast. I’m still slow and aware of the pressure to get quicker.

Our plan upon returning to work on Tuesday (my final training day), is for me to handle all the computer and food prep needs. My manager will supervise and if necessary lend a hand, because on the next day, Wednesday, she’ll be away. On Wednesday I will be in charge, must get everything done, and accurately, by 10 a.m. Here I’ll pause a moment, to roll my eyes.

My manager on offering the promotion said my hours would continue to be part-time. Her supervisor interviewed me, too, and casually mentioned “computer work”, asking if knew how to “use a mouse”. My early expectations didn’t rise to the organization’s many real time needs, to manage and report in a big business focused on sales and productivity.

Learning Costco’s computers has made me aware of its very busy office. Out in the aisles, Costco employees hurry, moving products, cleaning up, and pausing briefly to assist customers. The employees working in its computing office are focused, intense, fast. They tend to ignore a novice to the system who needs help. My manager has responded, dropping what else she might be doing and coming to bail me from “stuck spots”.

This Wednesday will be my “final exam”. Hopefully on that day, I will be able to manage everything in a manner acceptably accurate and timely. Now, again I’ll pause, to sigh.

Dear Friends: An automated working environment tests brain capacity and memory. Diana

One thought on “Stressing

  1. Wow! You’ve got a lot on your plate these days. I don’t know how you manage everything 😜

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