Light & Contrast

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Last evening on finishing my work at the barn, on turning leave I saw a wonderful spot of light through the junipers. From the moon, which was softly-shaped and three-quarters, one of my favorite moon shapes. I think of this moon shape as “huggable” and fun to play with.

So, I did, first by creating a close-up.

That early evening light was cloudy and emphasized the moon’s soft shape. Clouds moonlight, and junipers created a scene surrealistic and begging for a photo.

The next photo, a mood breaker but on a similar thread, captures another interesting contrast. It’s my friend Anna’s big jumping horse, a gorgeous fellow standing over 16 hands. Here, he’s recovering from dental work, not standing upright but still a giant, and above the peak of my very puffy hat.

Dear Friends: It never fails that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Diana

One thought on “Light & Contrast

  1. I didn’t know Anna had that big guy. Is she actually involved in jumping him ? I bet Pimmy was glad to see you yesterday and get back home!

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