Hallelujah Babies

Thursday, December 03, 2020 (only 28 days before 2021)

During these year-end crisp and clear days, I feed the horses early, before walking them across the road over to my neighbor’s. Depending on my schedule, on pasture they may spend some hours or all day grazing. It’s wonderful having generous neighbors who don’t mind baby-sitting the horses, and in fact enjoy watching them. For me, it’s just great to know they’re semi-loose and enjoying themselves. Often I hang around a few minutes to admire them.

This week, they’re especially admirable with manes and tails newly brushed. After letting their manes and tails go au natural for the longest time–like they were in dreadlocks–I picked up a brush, went to work. Once having got them untangled, with just a few morning minutes of re-brushing, everything stays smooth. Hello, my now pretty-tailed girls.


Equine photo ops aren’t complete without whiskered nose close-ups. Maybe you recognized Pimmy in the header photo, her nose distinctive, inquisitive, seeking treats. The horses’ noses offer warm sweet gusts and equally are fun, cool captures.

My dogs don’t accompany me and the horses across the road for my neighbor has dogs, a pair of old, super-sweet lab and golden types. He says they showed up years ago on his CA ranch, stayed, and moved on to Oregon with him. Cody is a bit younger, Katy up in years and slower. Both travel down the grassy hill to greet me before returning to their warm beds.

Dear Friends: Some sweetnesses, free and easily obtainable, that infuse joy into moments. Diana

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