Male Mountain Bluebird, atop juniper

Wednesday, February 03, 2021 (In 46 days, the first day of spring)

This computer is a bear today, won’t open nor run properly. This happens when an update continues to process, but more likely, now is about time to replace this unit, beginning its third year of service. Experience teaches that a processor on the road to “slow and undependable” might have a failing hard drive.

Getting started today has gobbled too much time and I must go to work. So here are photos from the other day during practice with my 40sx zoom camera.

The header photo is one of the local plentiful mountain bluebirds. These are pretty little birds that I love, but aren’t particularly bright. Sometimes they nest in my barn and are dedicated parents, fun to see working hard to help their babies grow and fly.

Here’s a terrific bird shot. This robin landed very briefly in one of my pines and I almost missed it.

Robin, in an Eight Pines Ranch pine tree

These days, pine trees aren’t where this Robin and its buddies mostly hang out. Instead, they’re flocking to junipers, loaded now with ripe berries, and happily becoming drunkards.

Dwarf goats are cute and irresistible. Here’s Poppy, in a goat trance, while happily rubbing her butt against a log.


And Poppy’s twin sister, Breeze, pretty and sweet.


These goat twins are entering their eleventh year. They’re affectionate and smart, and would enjoy pulling a little wagon. It’s a dream I’ve not given up on.

Finally, these are my last surviving hens also entering their eleventh year and hanging-in pretty well. Chickens need buddies, and so finally, after one of these gals goes, the other will spend her last days as my inside-house hen.

Littletail and Wellsummer

These are good captures by my 40sx, but many shots failed. This camera lacks an eye-viewer to help brace it, which makes handling too shaky to control focus. Otherwise, it’s a fine camera, useful in many situations. I’ll keep practicing.

Dear Friends: It’s fun out around the barn, and usually, includes new learning. Diana

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