Thursday February 25, 2021 (25 days until the First Day of Spring)

I went adventuring with my camera, shooting reasonable sightings, using various settings, randomly selected from the choice wheel. To my surprise, the only difference easily visible among the settings was a panoramic capture, a quick street view shot that unfortunately isn’t post-worthy. I’ll take another panorama, one more interesting for posting.

On this setting, and now I can’t remember which, the capture brought a little more detail of the most interesting profile in our local Cascade Range.

Broken Top

From far away, my camera shot treetops. They weren’t accidents, just illustrating the camera’s settings.

Pointing at treetops turned up one of my favorite birds, not a clear capture but a fun sighting. These active little guys are all over the place. Usually moving in flocks, they prefer heavy clumps of brush and love dashing from one to another.


These photos summarize my recent explorations with a camera that offers more than I understand to tap. I’ll keep trying and believing in practice making perfect.

Dear Friends: Regardless of expertise, there’s a potential for humor in whatever we do. Diana

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