Day At A Time

Poppy, early yesterday

Saturday, March 06, 2021 (15 days until the First Day of Spring)

Yesterday was a beautiful warm day. I took the horses over to my neighbor’s pasture and was walking home when another neighbor driving past paused for a catch-up chat. We observed noticeable changes in this neighborhood. More vehicle traffic, new homes being built, more residents moving in. Until recently, this had been an ignored part of town. Likely, the changes will upgrade our neighborhood and be financially beneficial, but we long-timers liked our old space and its social arrangements. Alas, everything changes.

Including the weather. As we talked, I stood outside his car wearing a light sweater without winter outerwear. He mentioned that nighttime would bring rain and snow. I looked at the sky, blue, beautiful, and unlikely to change. As proof, he held up a cellphone showing a weather alert. When we said goodbye, I continued toward home, my thoughts on physical and social changes, and weather forgotten.

So, this morning, there’s snow, okay. I’m surprised without being surprised, and even happy. The new snow gives my horses more days on pasture. Our rapidly warming weather was producing green grass, too high in sugar and not good for horses lacking exercise. Until this snow, my biggest challenge was acclimating myself toward becoming more physical after a lazy winter. The horses need exercising. I must hold their ropes, lounge and long-line them, to rebuild their strength (and mine) for an active summer.

Their extra days on pasture also give me extra time to chill out.

Early today

Dear Friends: Best to play with what’s coming up rather than making work of it. Diana

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