Ways Of Thinking

Thursday, March 11, 2021 (10 days until First Day of Spring; and DST starts next Sunday)

This morning I’ll receive my second Corvid shot, and thus, before leaving home, must handle the morning chores. So, to accomplish the feeding of horses and taking them to my neighbor’s pasture, this writing must be short.

And fun, so here are a couple of worthwhile movies on Netflix. My choices run mainly in two directions, complex art films and easy comedies. No shoot-em-ups, bang-em-ups! I think a good movie transports viewers into worlds they can admire, and for an hour or two, feel pleased on being immersed.

I’ll begin with, “What Would Sophia Loren Do?” (2020), a delightful short documentary, in which an Italian American grandmother finds strength and joy in the life of her screen idol, Sophia Loren. It’s salutes both classic Italian films and an eternal toughness within Loren’s screen character. Plus, we get glimpses of the famous actress in real-life, warm, loving, and vibrant.

Another is a movie-length comedy, “East-Side Sushi” (2014). In it and against all odds, a single Latina mom, after finding work in a Japanese restaurant, aspires to become a sushi chef. Its attractive ensemble cast works well together. It takes us on an inspirational feel-good journey with a young woman who’s forced to succeed and determined to win.

Both these movies currently are on Netflix.

Dear Friends: Even after receiving a second jab, I’ll continue wearing masks in public. Diana

One thought on “Ways Of Thinking

  1. Thanks for the movie tips❣️Got y 2nd shot on 3/2. Felt fine till the next day. Had a couple of very difficult days. Hope it goes better for you. Anyway, it’s worth it. My 2 weeks are up this coming Tues. & I can hug my grandkids. Can’t wait❣️😷

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