Lacey Leaves, photo by Susan Tusa

Today’s header photo is by photographer, Susan Tusa. An inveterate hiker, she took a series of photos demonstrating deep-winter while trekking near her Michigan home. The photos are of winter sightings in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Today, I will drive toward the mountains with dogs and a camera, to create for myself a series of post-winter photos. I’m an almost-total novice and my efforts won’t adequately shadow Tusa’s work. She’s a professional with top equipment and experience using complicated editing software.

I’m eager to borrow from her photographer-eye and have learning goals. Today is to seek and recognize, beyond easily accessible ops, photo potential in unlikely places. I’ve a trustworthy eye for balance, but lack a constant reassuring sense of innate creativity, and tend to skip possibilities.

The dogs and I will have fun, get bunches of exercise, and maybe, bring home a camera with several special captures. There might be snow in the mountains, so it can’t hurt to take snowshoes. To be snowshoeing while taking photos would fulfill another of my key goals for this wintertime.

Tusa’s photos appear in today’s Washington Post and are breathtaking. Here’s a link:

Dear Friends: One steadily self-pushes, to overcome or slide past mental obstacles. Diana

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  1. I love the way you keep pushing yourself forward with interesting goals and learning opportunities. You’re the inspiration!😊

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