Max, over & under the watercolors

Thursday, March 18, 2021 (3 days before the First Day of Spring)

I’m still captured and fascinated by signs of spring’s onset, and simultaneously, intent on improving my “camera eye”.

There’s little need to go hunting away from home with a camera. One can hunt in surroundings nearby and find opportunities to express moods, feelings, and art.

These days, I’ve been staring at the sage plants re-springing into life. They’re sporting pods, soft and cotton-like, that encourage one to reach out and touch. As a most-casual botanist (i.e., miniscule education), I assume pod-softness is how these fragrant plants encourage seed-spreading. Many activities can open the pods–being handled, pecked at, invaded by tiny critters, and blown apart by winds. They’re lovely springtime sightings.

Sage pods

One of my favorites has become this little view through a neglected shed. If the photo were taken in winter, this might work to represent that season. Maybe it’s worth trying, but meanwhile, no more dwelling on next winter.

Time passing is a big factor in photo appeal. Yesterday, I stumbled across a large print of a photo taken years ago. In fact, I remember my older sister, Elaine, in the car and waiting, as I climbed an embankment to capture a surviving historical Central Oregon dwelling. That would have been about five years ago.

I wanted the photo in order to paint its subject, but never got around to that, and in fact forgot all about the print. Yesterday, re-discovering it was an eye-opener. The good print should be a wall hanging! That sent me on a search for framing and matting materials–another project and maybe another story, as not for many years have I attempted any framing.

Dear Friends: Understanding and applying one’s inner strengths unlocks the way to creativity. Diana

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