On Guard!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tomorrow, it’s April Fool’s Day. Not something I think much about, but while “fooling around” on Facebook found reminders that it’s approaching. Already a bit going around is that Volkswagen has been renamed “Voltswagen”. The company admits putting that out as an early April Fools joke.

In general, I’ve little interest in April Fool’s, but the day does conjure memories from my school days. April One was a day to be aware of, to practice caution. I remember just about every kid in my school trying to fool others. One couldn’t believe anything.

An awareness of April Fools Day is worldwide. Finding the fool is more fun than becoming the fool, and the efforts of finding have occurred for hundreds of years. It’s more than in-school, kid-play kinds of fun. The “adult world” finds newspapers and advertisers getting into the act. Ergo, “Voltswagen”!

Tomorrow, wisdom will mean being cautious of new information from any source. For me, a self-reminder, as in the morning as I read online newspapers. It might be that some stiff-back editorial types will decide to add humor to their editorials. Anything’s possible.

Dear Friends: April Fool’s can glimpse “The Far Side” as did the cartoonist himself. Diana

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